Fishers Garage Floors - Case Studies

Partial Flake Gray Floor

Andrea called me about their garage floor - a 3 car garage of 680 square feet.  It was their 2020 Summer project to update their garage which included the floor and re-painting all the walls. There was a DIY epoxy paint on the floor that was peeling up pretty bad.  It was in the troweled expansion joints as well.  We ground the floor, removing all that paint, using our HTC grinder and vacuum system.  We always grind down into the expansion joints anyway, but this was especially needed to remove the existing paint.  Andrea wanted us to coat the concrete curb that runs around the perimeter of the garage.  About half of it had paint on it and the other half was bare concrete, but it was all pretty rough and had to be ground down by hand to get a good surface.  After grinding, we uncovered a small hairline crack, which we filled, at no additional cost to the customer.  We can do a variety of flake coverage and either light or dark gray - like always, we present the options and let the customer decide their preference.  Andrea chose the Light Gray base color with a light use of Tuxedo flake with glitter added in.  Notice how the flake on the concrete curbing and the steps pull everything together.  Andrea and Greg have a beautiful house and now they have a beautiful garage to match.  
epoxy floors
Before - DIY Epoxy Floor Paint peeling up.
Garage Floor Epoxy
After - Light Gray base color with a light broadcast of Tuxedo flake.
Epoxy Floors
After - 3rd bay. Notice the stairs and concrete block around the perimeter.

Tech Silver Full Flake Dark Gray Floor

Laura & David just moved back into their home on Geist Lake and wanted to make a few updates to their home that sits right on the water.  We didn't take a "before", but took one after grinding.  The floor was in pretty good shape before, but was a little dirty and stained.  Prep is key when doing floors.  Grinding helps flatten the floor and identifies any dips or low spots in the floor.  Notice we typically will go to the bottom of the front lip of the floor by the overhead doors. This requires grinding the vertical surface of the lip and rounding off the top corner, sometimes a location for chips in the concrete.  Going to the bottom of that lip helps prevent water from getting under the coating and causing it to peel off. 
During - After grinding and cleaning up.
After - Dark Gray base color with a full broadcast of Tech Silver flake
After - Close up of the front edge. 

Saddletan Full Flake Tan Floor

Juli and Matt contacted us about doing their 2 car garage in Fishers near 116th Street and Allisonville Road.  Our first picture is one of our employees grinding the floor surface.  Notice how the ground portion turns white.  That 20" grinder has the vacuum system hooked up to it so it makes minimal dust.  We do trim the front lip and around the walls with a small handheld grinder to get all the way up to the edge.  Notice the front lip goes over the edge down to the bottom of the lip. 
Epoxy Floor Prep
During - Grinding the floor.
After - Saddletan Full Flake.
Polyaspartic Garage Floors
After - Close up of the front edge.